Monday, March 16, 2009

PID Weekly Challenge

This weeks challenge is GRUNGE.

Hope everyone will have FUN with this weeks challenge. I sure did. I used a good bit of recycled items.

I made this ATC...image is from Paper Imagery Designs sheet Sweet Dreams #354, and the hearts are from a piece of Embossed Copper (Hearts 105) and the text is from a tag that came on my daughters jeans....

and this Magnet made from recycle denim, black gesso, watch parts, junk mail, more text from the tag on the jeans and paint and of course Ralph from PID Sweet Dreams sheet #355

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4 friends said:

Mel♥ said...

Love it Angie!!

NancyJane said...

Angie-you are so inventive. I was trying to figure out the meaning of grunge-I think I get it now!!

Gabrielle Madsen said...

Absolutely perfect Angie!

Ann said...

recycled are so creative!! I learn so much from you and all the other ladies!!
I love this(and Ralph too!!)