Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary Beth Fairy Tutorial

I used a SU! punch. Punch at opposite sides to create the narrow wing supports.

approx. 20 gauge wire looped and twisted to form the structural hangar. Wire attached with brads through the front of Mary Beth. The backs of the brads help to secure the wires. All of this will be covered up with the wing support structure. I use a strong double sided adhesive.

Photo with everything attached and covered.

Mary Beth in my garden last year.

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6 friends said:

Linda Cain said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! I love, love, love it!


paperqueen said...

Beautiful project and just LOVE your clear illustrations and directions. I am so challenged when it comes to reading and following directions, that when I find a set that is clear, I am very impressed. Kudos, my friend.

AngieHallHaviland said...

So pretty, Gabrielle!!

Mary-Beth said...

Love your Mary Beth fairy Gabrielle!

Kim said...

I just love this! What a beautiful fairy. Thanks for the tutorial!

MizCarla said...

What a cute idea! Great tutorial! Thanks Gabrielle!