Friday, March 6, 2009

Mad Tea Party Assemblage! By Lisa Kettell

This is a great recycling/green project using a square jewelry box, PID images, and scrapbook paper!

-A square jewelry box 6 inches by 4 inches
-Ashley and Alexis Collage Sheet #449 by PID
-Rosia Collage Sheet #452 by PID
-Jacob Collage Sheet #565 by PID
-Vintage piano paper or vintage writing paper
-Olive green card stock
-Various scrapbook papers
-Crepe paper in colors of choice
-Velvet ribbon, trims
-Light Blue German Foil Scrap by PID
-2 tiny wooden block pieces
-4 foam dots
-Model Magic
-Acrylic paints
-Various glitter
-Hot glue, hot glue sticks, glue stick and tacky glue
-Scissors and decorative scissors
-Other: Sequins, chipboard letters, holiday berries or pearls, lettering

1. Cover the inside of the jewelry box with a piece of piano or writing paper, attach with glue stick.

2. Next cut out 4 images from the collage sheets, with glue stick, layer onto olive green cardstock, cut out again. This gives your images more durability.

3. Cut out a 5 inch by 1 inch piece of olive green card stock, and a 5 inch by 2 inch piece of scrapbook paper. Fold the scrap book paper in half. Set aside

4. Now Attach all for cut out images to the center of the box using foam dots, this will give your assemblage dimension. In between the 2 center images on the box,hot glue the 2 wooden blocks down. Then hot glue the folded scrap book paper onto it. To do this put some hot glue underneath the top folded section of the scrap book paper, attach to top of wooden blocks, secure with more hot glue underneath the next folded part, this will form a table.

5. Layer the 5 inch by 1 inch scrapbook paper onto the top of the table. Finish decorating the table and with folded crepe paper, dresden trim, and glitter.

6. To decorate the collage images, make a simple crown shape, hot glue ends together, then glue to image and base. To make the top hat, roll a small piece of paper together to form a cyclinder, then using the lid of your glue stick, trace a circle from it onto cardstock, cut in half, glue the cyclinder shape to image and base, then the two circle halves to the top of the hat and bottom, to form a top hat. For the bunny ears, draw a basic bunny ear shape onto card stock, cut out and attach to image. Decorate all with various glitters.

7. To make the tea and cake decorations, roll out a ball shape from model magic for the tea cups and pot, then roll out a snake shape, attach. For the tea pot lid, roll out a smaller ball, and attach to pot to form a lid. For the Cake, roll out 3 different ball shapes, layer on top each other. For the cupcake, roll 2 different ball shapes, layer a small strip of crepe paper around the ball to resemble the liner, then place the next ball ontop, add a tiny ball for cherry, Decorate all with acrylic paints and glitter.

8. For the curtains accordian fold 2 strips of scrapbook paper and hot glue to side of jewelry box, with an inch over the jewelry box. Next cut 2 small strips of velvet ribbon measuring 2 inches long, hot glue 2 inches down from top.

9. Cut out another piece of scrapbook paper of choice 10 inches by 2 inches, cut one long side with decorative scissors, bend/arch a bit hot glue ends around the top of accordian curtains. Now roll out a cyclinder shape from olive green card stock, measuring 3 inches, hot glue to to center of jewelry box.

10. Finish decorating the box with sequins, chip board letters, lettering, holiday berry, crepe paper, arylic paints and glitter.

-Use small wooden tea set in place of the model magic tea set, or use tea cup images.
-Use various pieces of Dresden trim from PID in place of the velvet.
-Try accordian folded crepe paper in place of the scrapbook paper.

The possibilities are endless for this project.

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9 friends said:

Dragonlady said...

Wow!...That is awesome, I love everything about it...and of course the PID images are great on for giving the info on how you created it...

faerie enchantment said...

So glad you like it. I'm into alot of assemblages and 3-D works now. I love the PID images, so many wonderful ones to work with and to use.
Have a magical night!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

WOW Lisa...this is FABULOUS!!! Very creative and I love all the recycling (my bins are always FULL)!!!!!!

faerie enchantment said...

LOL Angie, mine are too, I save tomato jars, veggie tins, kleenex boxes! I am a recycling center, lol!

Moniqui said...

Oh wow that is so awesome!!

Ann said...

Lisa..I want to sit and have tea with them!!! The images are so cute. It's just FABULOUS !!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone...There is always room at a Tea Party, especially at The Mad tea Party! LOL!
Magic and Joy!

Mel♥ said...

Love this Lisa!!


Gabrielle Madsen said...

Your design is so magical.....thinking I'll be looking for crepe paper now too!