Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flag book by Monique Verbeek

Flag book 4.5” x 3.5” , 21 flags


2 pieces of chipboard 4.5 x 3.5 “
2 pieces of patterned paper 5.5 x 3.5 “ (to cover front and back)
2 pieces of patterned paper 4 x 2.2 “ (to cover inside of back and front)
1 strip of 4.5 x 10 “ (for spine)
21 pieces of sturdy paper 2.3 x 1.3 “ (flags or pages)
ribbon,strong glue,

Take One of the chipboard covers and one of the 5.5 x 3.5” patterned papers. Adhere the chipboard cover to the center of the patterned paper with a glue stick.
Trim the corners of the scrapbook paper with a craft knife.

Score along the fold lines of the side flaps with a bone folder or simply use your finger nail. Then adhere the flaps down with a glues stick.
Repeat for the second cover and set both covers aside for the moment.
Take the strip of 4.5 x 10” card stock and score a vertical fold line at 5”, fold the halves in half and again and again ( accordion style) until there are 8 “V’s”

Adhere the spine to the front cover .Take note that the valley cover is attached to the valley fold of the accordion spine.

Take one of the 4x2.2" coordinating paper pieces and adhere it to the inside covers.If you would like to close your book with a ribbon,adhere ribbon to the back before covering with coordinated paper.

Stick your pages to the spine. The pages on the top and the bottom will be attached to the left sides of each accordion fold
The middle pages will be attached to the right side of each accordion fold.

Attach all the pages or flags until you have used all 21. There should be 7 flags on each row.
Embellish your flag book as you wish.

  • Increase the number of folds to the accordion spine to add more pages.
  • Use different colored flags for each row.
  • Experiment with the size and shape of your album.
  • Make Flag books with 2 rows or more.
  • You can fill your flag book with quotes, photos, memories, journaling, index photos, a story for your child, The ABC's

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3 friends said:

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH Moniqui!! These are WONDERFUL. I've made accordian books before but not flag books....thanks for the instructions!! I LOVE how you DOLLED up the FRONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

paperqueen said...

I hope to find the courage to do this project....I am hopeless following directions, though your photos are very clear, so maybe... Moniqui, this is wonderful!

Linda Cain said...

Beautiful work! I LOVE it.