Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweet Valentine Queen Award By Lisa Kettell

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Collage sheet #441 from Paper Imagery Designs
Crepe paper streamer rolls (two colors)
Sturdy cardstock pink, red
Discarded CD
Pink tulle/crinoline
Dresden trim, pink, from PID
Ribbons, tinsel, embellishments
Hot glue, hot glue sticks
Tacky glue
Pink thread and sewing needle

Trace an old discarded cd onto sturdy pink cardstock with a pencil, cut out.
Next cut out 9 strips of crepe paper strips 12 inches long from each of the two crepe paper colors, for a total of 18 strips
Paper pleat (paper fan fold) 10 strips, 5 of each color.
Hot glue one pleated strip a quarter of the way around the top edge of the card stock disk, repeat with two more pleated strips of the same color, until one layer is completely glued, repeat with the next color until the center is the size of a nickel.
Cut a triangle into the remaining un-pleated strips of crepe paper and hot glue to end of the disk, let hang, this gives the crepe paper disk an award ribbon look.
Cut out PID Valentine Image of choice, hot glue to center, cut out a 2 inch strip of red cardstock, cut into a basic crown shape, hot glue ends together and hot glue again to top of girl head, layer with pink Dresden trim.
Next cut 4 strips of pink tulle, 12 inches long, with needle and thread, slip stitch together, pull, knot. Hot glue to the valentine girl image, to form a prom skirt, finish off the sewed area with ribbon of choice, using hot glue.
Embellish with glitter, tinsel, lettering, a wand or findings of choice, using tacky glue.

-Caution, be careful when using hot glue, it can reach very hot temperatures.
-Use crepe paper or fabric in place of the tulle.

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4 friends said:

Linda Cain said...

What fun! great job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is too much fun! What does a person have to do to win such an award????

AngieHallHaviland said...

OHHHH Lisa!! This is PRECIOUS!! Think our little lady needs one of these for Valentines (which I really need to get hopping on!!)

Maija said...

Hi Mel!
Any word on that stuff I've been waiting for? Please give me an update when you have a chance. Thanks!