Saturday, January 24, 2009

Technique Thursday - My Piece by Eileen

This week's technique was to use french netting. (See Pam's wonderful tutorial below). Well, I wanted to participate, but had none of that available....what I did have was a newly purchased bag of onions. The red plastic the onions came in isn't exactly french, but it is netting, and I'm a great believer in using what you have and making things work. It was a little difficult to get it to stick to my ATC, but I made it work by kind of sandwiching it under some scrap trim. So here's my Mona Lisa behind a red veil!

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2 friends said:

Linda Cain said...

Great job! Love the netting!

Lori Roberts said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Need to go find mine. It's somewhere here in a box! LOL!!!