Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of course its Contest Time...

Why would it not be???

As you know all of our images come from flea markets, garage sales, ebay and the like.. most of them have their original names on the backs or penciled in somewhere. I spend lots and lots of hours touching them up and fixing them to make them look true.

I feel attached to these little PID people the kids the woman the men... they are like family I work with them to make them more vibrant and more to life. Give them back their personality and I leave the rest up to you to make them come to life again.

Some of our images do not have names ... and I have to come up with the perfect name for them, like Gus and Gump their names have meaning to one of our design team members and it fit them perfect. And Sarah the face of PID as soon as I saw her I knew her name was Sarah!

Heres where you all come in... I need some names for our new little people of PID. I have so many new sheets coming out that are nameless and I wish I knew more about them.

Post here some names of some men, women, little pid kids, boys and girls and if your names are chosen you will get those sheets sent to you at their release February 1st. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to find out if your names were chosen. I want some good names no FruFur names like ButterCup ... :)

You must leave a comment at this post with your names!! Have fun!!
Everyone is eligible to comment and win. Contest ends January 30th.

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19 friends said:

margil said...

How about Sebastian? That's my grandson's name.

Marcia Gilbreath

tracy said...

How about Addison, Emmeline, Lenna, Emmett, Emerson, and how about Fenwick. I hope I was not suppose to stay with just one. I kind of got carry away.

Anonymous said...

Eloise, Arianna, Elise, Julianne, Carolina, Deborah, Constance, Indhira, Leah, Nicole, Portia

Alex, Bennett, Daniel, Jeremy, Victor, Maurice, Noah, Russell, Teddy, Warren,Zachary, Xavier

lee said...

Dante and Donald is are great mens names and Marcelle, Beatrice,Ella,Hope faith or Charity are great old fashioned womens names.

sissy923 said...

Ned, Eleanor, Ell, Maggie, Tegan, Tara, Aileen. Bridget, Cathleen... thinking of Irish old names. Chris

Juanita Lanaux said...

I have always gotten a kick out of names like...Percivial, Fannie, Sadie, Rutherford, Fletcher, Pearl, and Dewey, to name a few.


Angie Hall Haviland said...

I would love to see images with my great grandparents names....Ora Pearl and Anthony Nicolo....but he actually went by Tony. I also two greatgrandmother's named...Annie and Anna. And a fun family name that I thought would make a wonderful first name...Cooper. Oh yeah and how's this for original my grandpaw's name was Jessie James Hall. These are all names I would think it would be FUN to see on images.

Anonymous said...

Ladies...Caralily, Ethel Mae, Regina, Piper, Lilyanne, Dolly,
Men...Silas, Jordie, Bolliver, Demsey,
LET US not forget the all time favorite name around the world this week for a man
BARACK...love it!!!!!
from Pam B

MizCarla said...

off the top of my head Pascal, Chantal, Bryant, Cecilia, Augusto, Gustav, Ameilia, Bernard, Georgia, Aurora, Houston, Oliver, Gwenivere, I also like these types of things added before a given name... Count, Contessa, Sir, and Lady :D

Bev said...

Hi, I was thinking Nicole, or Gracie, Donnavee, then there's Corbin, Cassidy, Warren, Buster, Casper.
Can you tell I'm not a youngester??? heehhh

Melinda Cornish said...

Mary Catherine, Louisa, Emmaline and Isobel
for boys....Alistair and Asher, Glenn Jackson and Martin

It is harder than I thought to think of names! Melinda

Linda S. Socha said...

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♥ Mel ♥ said...

I almost forgot that you are looking for names for new collage sheets...Here are a few of mine for consideration....

Lily Rose
Sheryl Marie


Hope these help a little Melissa...Thanks,
Kathy M

Sarah W said...

Hi Melissa, great idea.

I go for Charlotte - a family name on Dad side of the family and one of my neices names.

Other choices: Jennifer - this is my mother in-laws name.

Faith, Mary, Robert, Philip, David, Megan, just to name a few.


Elena said...

I like:


Can't wait to see the new sheets! I know I will love them without even seeing them! This would be a lot easier if we can see them!!!!

Dragonlady said...

How about "Minnie", "Tabitha","Annette"
"Eliza","Jane" or "Eliza Jane"
"Olive", Olivia", "Sylvia"

and "Edmund", "Fred", "Forrest"
"John Michael", "Phillip", "Earl"
"Joshua or Josh"

ok, all I can think of now..

Dianna said...

What fun! How about Clyde, Herbert, Nelson, Henry, Winston and Bryon for the guys; and Florence, Evelyn, Edna, Hortensia, Valencia, Brooke, Imogene for the gals.

peggy gatto said...


Pat said...

For girls: Estella or Stella, Marjorie, Lorraine, Karen, Elaine, Robertina, Ruth, Mariah, Rosa

For boys: Raleigh, Cecil, Seymour, Roger, Gordon, Gerald, Elton, Charles, Andrew, Benjamin

all family names. In the geneology of my mother's family, there are some named Thankful, Remembrance and the like!

Pat Upton