Friday, January 23, 2009

Flourish Challenge & Jumbo ATC's

This weeks challenge on the PID yahoo group is Flourish. Angie runs the challenges on the group and she has been coming up with some great themes for us to do. The fun thing about the challenges is that you can do an ATC or any other size piece for the challenges so your not stuck working with a size that you just don't feel like working with. For instance if your not a big atc person you can still participate in the challenge by making a 4 X 4 or even an unusual size like I have been doing. I am calling these jumbo atc's because they are like an atc but a little bigger. The size I have been having a great time with is 3 x 4. Only 1/2 inch bigger all around then an atc but if you try it you will be amazed at how much more room it is to work on compared to an atc.

The challenges run for two weeks and then if you want to mingle out your art you can sign up in the database and trade or you can keep your art. No pressure to give away a piece you've made that you have fallen in love with.

Come join us over at the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group and if you make a 3 x 4 let me know.


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