Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to make an organiser by: Ursula

This organiser I made to keep my pictures from the collage sheets
of Paper Imagery designs.

Here I will try to explain how I made this.

(I'm dutch so sorry if my english writing is full of mistakes, but I hope you all can read this)
First you start with about 10 envy's or as much you would like to (whe call the envy's I used with this organiser "money envelopes" in the Netherlands)but you can make it from every size envelopes .

If you use A4 envy's you can store complete P.I.D sheets in there.

Then you need two pieces of cardboard about 0,5 cm bigger then the envelopes your using for the front and back of the organiser.
Close the envelopes as normal and cut open one long side of it and glue them all together
with the open sides at the same side,

Note: don't put the glue within 2,5 cm from the sides of the envelopes otherwise
you can't open the organiser later on.
The top and bottom you can glue to the outline.

Then glue a piece of ribbon around the envelopes with the ends at the open sides of the envelopes.
Note: make it long enough to bind it later on.
If you pick up one end of the ribbon it should open like a harmonica.
Then cover the two pieces of cardboard with the paper you like
( as if you are making a book cover)
Note: don't mind the insides because you can't see them when finished.
Glue them on the front and back of the envelopes and finish them
with some flowers, collage image's, button's etc.
On top of every envelope put some ribbon or paper pieces so it makes it easyer
to open the pockets later on (you can make tabs and write on it what's in the pocket.)
and the orgainser is finished!!!!

Have fun making your own organiser.

This is my A4 organiser I'm using to store my P.I.D. sheets.

greetings Ursula

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3 friends said:

Victoria said...

Ursula -
this is not just a wonderfully clever idea but it's so so pretty - i love it. I'm going to make my mom one of these for Christmas.

thanks so much for sharing.

victoria grobels

Sandie R said...

This is beautiful and nostalgic (nostalgisch)looking. I love the Victorian feel to it. Very very pretty.

Michelle McGee said...

VERY clever!