Sunday, November 2, 2008

DT Challenge Gabrielle Madsen

Clara Christmas Bell by Gabrielle Madsen

Collage sheet image Clara 146
Scrap of brushed gold cardstock
6x6” piece of decorative paper or create your own!
Various beads, fancy thread, adhesive I used tacky glue
Bone Folder

Paper Bell: Fold as shown and described. Fold in half and then in half again, unfold. Fold diagonally and repeat for the opposite side (4 folds so far) Fold at each corner, repeating on either side, an airplane fold see diagram. You will have completed 12 folds

For decorative trim: I punched 1 3/8” circle from gold cardstock and two faces of Clara (one for each side) at 1 ¼” Punch a small hole at top for threading fine 3 ply cotton/rayon thread. Thread with collage image, beads and thread thru bottom of bell and repeat for hangar at top. Enjoy,

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