Thursday, October 16, 2008

Technique Thursday Gel Medium Transfers to Muslin

Technique Thursday


Arlene Mobley

Gel Medium

Transfers to Muslin



Muslin or light colored cotton material

Image from Paper Imagery Designs

Goldens Soft Gel

Bone Folder or Spoon




Step 1: Cut or tear a piece of muslin about an inch wider then your image. It is always better to have a bigger piece of fabric background to work with. You can always cut it down for your project.


Step 2: Trim your image. Trim anything from the background that you do not want to have show up on your transfer. Once the gel medium dries there is no way to remove unwanted background. If your image has no background trim all of the white area away or your transfer will have a white border around it.


Step 3: Apply an even coating of gel medium to the front of your image using your finger. As you apply the gel medium slide your finger down the image, moving excess gel medium onto the rest of the image. You do not want thick areas of gel medium. As you use your finger to move the medium you will be able to tell where there is too much and not enough by the way your finger slides. Too much and your finger will slide a lot. Not enough and you will have to drag your finger. Gel medium dries very fast so you want to move quickly. Try to get an even coating on the entire image.




Tip: Learning when you have the proper amount of gel medium takes practice. If this is your first transfer using this method do not be disappointed if it does not turn out “perfect”.


By the way there is no perfect when creating your art work. If you like the way it looks then it is perfect!


Step 4: Carefully lay your image onto your piece of muslin or fabric smoothing it down.


Step 5: Using your bone folder or spoon burnish the entire back of your image.. Go up and down and side to side to make sure the gel medium has completely adhered to your material.



Tip: I prefer to use the back of a spoon for this step. The smooth back of the spoon glides over the paper much easier then a bone folder.






Step 6: Let dry completely. The drying time may take a couple of hours. You can even leave it over night if you want.


Tip: This is one of the most important steps in this process.


Step 7: Mist or wet the paper backing of your transfer. Allow the paper to absorb the water. Begin carefully rubbing off the paper. You may have to continue to mist or add water as the paper starts to dry.




As you rub the paper off be careful not to rub so hard that you start to remove your transfer from the piece of muslin. This can happen. Your transfer is very delicate while it is wet.




Once it looks like all of the paper backing has been removed allow your transfer to dry.




When your transfer and muslin is dry you may notice a fine white fuzz is still on the surface of your transfer. Wet it again and rub some more. Once your done rubbing the paper fuzz off you can apply a thin layer of watered down gel medium or acrylic glaze to protect and get rid of the fuzz you can not remove.



Image above from sheet # 354          Image above from sheet # 265



When I was done making my transfers I realized one of them went perfectly with a journal page I have been working on.




Image used for my journal page is from image sheet # 354







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2 friends said:

Lori Roberts said...

Well Arlene you did it again! ANOTHER marvelous, perfect technique for our Technique Thursdays!!!

You are rocking girlfriend! Your pictures are great and so easy to follow! WOW!!

I think we should crown you "The Queen of Techniques"!!!!

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for this mini tutorial, I've tried unsucessfully a couple of times but as soon as I put the gel onto my image (copied on inkjet) the colour ran, what am I doing wrong? I would love to get the hang of this technique as I think it looks so great on the finished work. Margaret