Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guest Designer Laura Haviland

From time to time Paper Imagery Designs will have a guest designer. This month Laura Haviland has graced us with her art work using PID images and Character Construction Stamps.

Laura was wonderful enough to answer some questions for us:

What is your name and where are you from? Do you have a blog or website?

My name is Laura Haviland and I am from Ontario,Canada.
I do not have a blog at this time but plan to in the near future.
I do not have a website.

Do you sell your art and where?

No I do not my sell art, at this time.

How long have you been creating art?

I have always loved creating something, ever since I can remember. It is such a big part of who I am.
Before I discovered my passion for mixed media art, I was a tole painter.
I am happiest when creating art.

Art can be very fulfilling to your soul, what else do you do to to reach that completion?

I enjoying spending time with my family. My children are growing up too fast, so I value time with them.
I really enjoy reading and admiring Artwork in Somerset Studio's Magazine.
Nothing is better than a big cup of tea and reading Somerset Studio's magazine.The best way to enjoy quiet time.
I also really enjoy cooking but not cleaning up the dishes. LOL!

What inspires you to create?

I am inspired by things in my surroundings, I get a brainstorm often.
For example my son got his new running shoes and inside the shoe was a symbol of a really cool tree. I thought to myself, I need to start creating with tree's.
I love bright and vibrant colors, they feel happy to me. So enjoy what I am creating in front of me.
Also sharing ideas with good friends is so inspirational. You friends know who you are.
A special thank you to Pam Barnes for all your enthusiasm in your art work.

What inspires you to create art for Paper Imagery Designs?

The images are amazing and there is such a selection to chose from.
The design team gives great ideas of what to make with the images.
All you ladies create fabulous artwork, for Paper Imagery Design.
Always look forward to seeing your new art work, Design Team.
There is such a lovely variety of supplies. The images are wonderful!!!

What do you love about Paper Imagery Designs Collage Sheets?

I enjoy the bright colors of the collage sheets.
I love all the Collage sheets."Fantastic".

How do you know when a piece you're working on is finished?

Somehow it just looks balanced and completed. I say yes, that will do it !!!!!!!!!
It is always a good feeling when you finish a piece of artwork.

What do you find inspires you right now?

At this time, I am so inspired by Catherine Moore. (Character Construction).
Catherine's artwork is so clever and funky. It is like there is no rules for me, just do what you want when creating paper dolls.
The stamps all work together, it is so much fun.
You can really express yourself in your creating with all the Awesome clear stamps.
They are sold on Paper Imagery Design, so you can start creating too.You will really enjoy them, you will be hooked.

Do you have any artistic goals for 2008? What are they?

I want to challenge myself to try new technique's and take more artful risks.
I also would be thrilled to be published in a magazine,I am working on that.
Also, start doing more swaps.

What would you like our fellow artists to know about you and your work?

I really enjoy creating art and it is I how enjoy time to myself. Every Mom needs some moments for herself.
It is a great way to relax and go somewhere else in your mind.
I have made many special ART friends,it is nice we have a common interest in art.
We are all so passionate about our Artwork, it is great sharing ideas.
We can never have enough art supplies, either. haha. Don't you agree?

A perfect day to create is...
Any day is a perfect day to create.
I really enjoy having new stamps to play with.
And, letting your imagination go to work.To make the creative magic happen before you !!!

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11 friends said:

Anonymous said...

Laura, these dolls are really lovely. The colors are just right. The details are fabulous. Really good work. Such fun to look at.
Nancy A.

CathWren said...

The spirit of your work embodies your gentle good nature. Lovely work and it's nice to see that you are not afraid of color!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see that you amazing talent is showcased in this way. Way to go!! and keep on creating.
Theresa D.rlsyx

Anonymous said...

Mom, your art work looks amazing, its one thing to see them on your desk but to see them on here is just wonderful! Congratulations! You're great!

Brit <3

Mary-Beth said...

Your art dolls are absolutely wonderful. Your special little touches make them all unique!

CST - Mary-Beth

Anonymous said...

Laura you make me proud to call you my friend. As usual your work is just phenomenal. You never cease to amaze me. Hugs, forever your friend Lynne R (CST) in Boston, ON

Kelly said...

gorgeous art dolls!

Frog said...

I got this link from CST....

I love the art dolls Laura!! they are beautiful.

Karen Gilmore

Anonymous said...

I've never seen such intricate work. It's lovely Laura. May your art relax you for a long time to come.
CST - Sue Rapin

Sandie R said...

Laura your art dolls are just wonderful and I love your use of colour.

CST Sandie R

Dragonlady said...

The art dolls are just gorgeous...
I love all of them...