Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spooky Beeswax Collage

Beeswax and Halloween are the best together!! I am loving this!

I made this Beeswax collage last night one of the girls on our group was asking about and I thought what the heck I have not used my beeswax in a long time.

Step 1: Clean up all the dry beeswax on the floor from the 5yr old who knocked over the mini crock pot that was given to you as a cooking tool not beeswax melter.
Step 2: Ask your husband who rolls his eyes to cut you a small piece of wood.
Step 3: Gesso your background using black
Step 4: Spray your black gesso with gold webbing
Step 5: Apply a coat of beeswax with a paintbrush
Step 6: Stamp cobweb in silver pigment
Step 7: Paint pumpkin color paint on sides
Step 8: Adhere all your elements with beeswax and paintbrush. It does not matter if you have globs of beeswax all over this can be fixed or touched later if you desire.
Step 9: After you have all your elements where you would like them melt wax with your heat gun and melt large chucks on dry beeswax that have developed. Move your piece around to achieve different looks. I let mine sit upright to get the look of the wax dripping.

Tip: If your unhappy with the placement of your elements you can reheat with your heat gun and move them around. Beeswax is better then glue you can remove them and re add anything.

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5 friends said:

paperqueen said...

Fun! I have to drag out my melting pot and beeswax and try this.


paperqueen said...

Here's my paper towel background piece:

Wanda H said...

Way cool, Mel!!!

Ursula said...

wow Mel looks great!!!

ShellyRaeWood said...

okay.....LOve the step by step!! LOL The drips are great Mel!! Thanks!! SHelly