Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Design Team Member

I would like to introduce you to our newest design team member Angie Hall Haviiland.

What is your name and where are you from?

Angie Hall Haviland, I'm born and raised in Southeast Texas. I'm been here all my life.

Do you have a blog or website?


Do you sell your art and where?


How long have you been creating art?
All my life, since I could hold a crayon. But I stopped working (My degree says Medical Secretary) and became a Stay at Home Mom and Crafter in 1993. I discovered mixed media ART in 1999 and was totally smitten with it.

Art can be very fulfilling to your soul, what else do you do to reach that completion?
Spend time with my family.

How do you know when a piece you're working on is finished?
I just feel it. When I'm happy with it, it's finished....if I'm not it sits in the unfinished pile.

What do you find inspires you right now?
I always feel there is Inspiration all around just have to slow down enough to realize it. It's in the things my children do, it's in the backyard garden, it's the hummingbirds fluttering around the feeders, or it might be the bright colors I see on the cereal box.

Do you have any artistic goals for 2008? What are they?
hmmmmm not sure I have goals. I always try to put myself out there a little more, which is hard for me. I'm not a very forward type of person but I am trying hard to change that. I am always trying to produce the best ART I can and improve my work every chance I get. I guess now my goal for 2008 is to be the best Paper Imagery Design Team Member that I can be.

What would you like our fellow artists to know about you and your work?
Making and Sharing ART fills my soul and brings me JOY. Best of all I have been blessed with so many special friends on my ART Journey, and that in is the best part.

A perfect day to create is... EVERYDAY!!

I have too much... (what supplies do you have too many of)
line TOO MUCH??? Hmmm I say there is no such thing! My son often tells me I have a YARN problem. Not sure what he means LOL

My favorite food is.....
Hmmmmm Coffee, Dr. Pepper....oh wait those aren't food are they? I guess hmmmm that would be...anything that is already cooked for us. LOL I cook for our family almost everyday...but an occasional day off is great!

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