Thursday, September 4, 2008

Distress Ink Technique By Arlene Mobley

Distress Ink Technique
Arlene Mobley
Paper Imagery Designs

Water Color Paper or Heavy Cardstock
Ranger Distress Ink in two or more colors of choice
Vintage Music Sheet
Spray Bottle
Heat Gun Optional

Step 1: Randomly glue torn pieces of vintage music sheet to your water color paper

Step 2: Trim off over hanging pieces of music sheet

Step 3: Randomly rub your distress ink pads all over the music sheet paper.

Step 4: Spray with water on a flat surface allowing the puddles of ink to run together.

Step 5: Allow to dry completely. I like to allow the ink to air dry. This way the neat patterns made by the pooling ink keep their shape. You can use your heat gun if you would like.

Step 6: Add more ink in the areas that need it and spray with water again. Allow to dry.

FYI: Once the first layer of ink is dry you can add more ink and spray with water again. Just make sure the first layer of ink is dry or the colors will turn a muddy brown.
Step 7: Once your background is completely dry you can cut it up into atc’s.

FYI: By starting a background technique on a full sheet of water color paper or cardstock and then cutting it down into atc’s you will always have a supply of backgrounds on hand.

Finished Background

Your half way there to finishing an atc if you have ready made backgrounds.

One 9 x 12 piece of water color paper can be cut down into 9 atc’s. There will also be enough scrap left over to cut about 15 inchies.

Have fun and let’s see what you can make out of your new backgrounds!

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6 friends said:

MistiRose said...

Oh thank you Mel for posting this! I never realized I needed to spritz with water to get this nice blending affect. I kept trying to do it by blending with my distress pads and it just wasn't "cutting the cake!" Mwah! That's why you're the boss! ~Misti

Lori Roberts said...

This is so awesome Arlene! Great job! Great directions! You rock girl friend!!!!

Gabrielle Madsen said...

This is so helpful and such a well laid out instruction tutorial Arlene! Thanks much,

gabrielle madsen

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Thanks so much for this FABULOUS tutorial, Arlene!! Thanks for posting it, Mel!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

This is an AWESOME tutorial & technique!!!! I LOVE it!!!! THANK YOU to Mel for posting Arlene's tutorial!!!!! THANK YOU to Wanda Hentges for linking it to her blog!!!!!!

tami said...

i really like this :)