Friday, July 25, 2008

Contest Time at PID

In honor of a certain someone’s birthday ahem Lori !!! How about a freebie/contest???? Meet Maxwell he is single and looking to inspire your muse for the day!!!

Have at it create that OOAK Max made me do it ART!!! Who is Max going to be? Will he be the Gambler Man? Will he be the Cowboy? Or will he be the Chip N Dale for the Bday girl!! You decide!

Once everyone (I hope) in the group uploads their ART using Maxwell (only) we will have a vote on whose is your favorite impression of Maxwell!! Everyone is ELIGIBLE!!! EVERYONE !!!

The winner will receive a gifty from PID!! Entries close Friday August 1st. I have created an album for your photos. Voting begins August 2nd!!!

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2 friends said:

KathrynAntyr said...

Happy Birthday Lori. Here is your suitor with a surprise gift in hand!

My birthday is next week -- I guess I'm in good company!

inge bekaert said...

Hello Lori,

Kathryn told me your the birthdaygirl !
happy ...? birthday !!

I'm just home from London checking all my mails, my blogs,.... but I start to create soon again. I hope I can fix Maxwell in a birthdaysuit before friday...

Inge from Belgium