Wednesday, July 30, 2008

August Guest Designer Robin Knutson

From time to time Paper Imagery Designs will have a guest designer. This month Robin Knutson has graced us with her art work using PID images.

Robin was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us:

What is your name and where are you from?

Robin Knutson. Murrieta California. Originally from Pennsylvania, moved to Ca when I was 5.

Do you have a blog or website?

Do you sell your art and where?

Yes. I have sold it directly from my home.

How long have you been creating art?

I have been creating art on and off for most of my adult life, but I finally turned in the corporate rat race to design, and teach full time about 8 years ago.

Art can be very fulfilling to your soul, what else do you do to reach that completion?

I listen to music and read. I am a big Peter Cetera fan and listen to him nearly everyday when I am creating. I spend time with my grandchildren too. I did not get to see my own grandparents much when I left Pennsylvania so I feel that it is very important to give them my time and love.

How do you know when a piece you're working on is finished?

The piece will definitely let me know.

What do you find inspires you right now?

I love textures. They are my inspiration, along with rusted metals . I seem to get inspired by things on a whim without a warning. Ideas pop and I am looking to scribble it down in a book I carry with me ALWAYS.

Do you have any artistic goals for 2008? What are they?

Actually I am trying to become more “known” by joining into Groups like PID. I also am starting to expand my classes into more areas.

What would you like our fellow artists to know about you and your work?

I want them to know that I respect them and their wonderful work. I want them to know that I truly love what I do and that if there are days I cannot get to my art I have a tough time, so sometimes I am so involved that I cannot get it ALL DONE. Besides PID I am the Creative Design Consultant for ALTERED ARTS Magazine and contribute to and have been published by Ranger in the INKESSENTALS BOOK, Somerset, , Legacy, (Now Called Somerset Memories) , the Somerset Wedding Book 2, Rubber Stamp Madness, and a few others.
I will be teaching at the Great Arts Adventure, in Spokane September 27th and 28th with Mary-Jo McGraw, Kelly Kilmer and others.

A perfect day to create is...

Any day and any where! Even on vacation, in airplanes the car you name it I have probably tired to do it!

I have too much... (what supplies do you have too many of)

Definitely Rubber Stamps! And probably Paper!!

My favorite food is.....

I love Pizza , Italian food and Mexican Cuisine!

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3 friends said:

Linda Cain said...

Beautiful work, as always!
Linda Cain

Gabrielle Madsen said...

Wonderful to find your work here as guest designer! I nearly missed this posting ~ gorgeous!

Robin M Knutson said...

Thank you Linda and Gabrielle. hope that they can post some of the other projects I sent to them! I went nuts sending in Stuff to them! lol Great Products they offer! Thanks Again. Robin Knutson